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Aby Floyd is an oil painter and textiles artist who lives and works in London. She graduated in Fine Art Painting from Wimbledon College of Arts, UAL, in 2018. Since then, she has had her own solo show, been represented by Artpiq online gallery and has sold work both in the UK and internationally. Her figurative and narrative paintings create whimsical, magical scenes of escapism which are intended to delight and seduce her audience.

My practice creates a fantastical and fanciful world derived from imagined, dream-like narratives. 


These vibrant, surrealist paintings illustrate the liberation of imagination and draw inspiration from poetry, fairy tales, victoriana, collection and curation, childhood nostalgia, the Pre-raphaelites/Romantics and the intricacies of the natural world. 

They are derived from a deep, visceral obsession with craft and its ability to bring thoughts into something tangible. This manic approach to working is reflected in the horror vacui (Latin for the fear of empty space), which is emulated in each piece, the subject matter permeating and congesting each surface leaving little space for the works to breathe. 


I also have a strong interest in interior and design and intend for my art to be lived with, to be part of creating the human habitat. I use my paintings to produce print designs in a bid to bring fine art to every corner of the home. I am incredibly drawn to spaces that act as extensions of their owner and this is often seen within the subject matter of my work. The use of objects is paramount to this, they act as vessels of a memory, represent the presence of an owner, or the ghost of an individual. There is a story from what is left behind, our history and imprint on the world. Faux sentimentality in objects is an element seen in the repeated theme of kitsch throughout the paintings. 


I use oil paint to make detailed, figurative pieces which are intended to celebrate beauty, opulence and exuberance through indulging in aestheticism and magic. 

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